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We are the go to for the best in badass merch. If you’re looking to Support Local Music, nab your favorite band tee, or you just want to wear the latest and greatest in Revolution Apparel products, we are prepared to provide you with the merch you need. Deeply rooted in the music industry, our products are made by the scene, for the scene. Catch us at a local show!

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Custom Printing

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Revolutionize your apparel! When it comes to printing, we don’t like to think outside the box. That sounds silly, but the reality is that there IS NO BOX. Imagination and ingenuity are the only way to rise to the top. Whether you need to provide polos for your business, apparel for your band, or you want to celebrate Uncle Chuck’s 60th birthday, let us be your go to for top of the line custom printing. Remember, necessity is the mother of all invention!

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Revolution Apparel

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Who is Revolution Apparel?

Based just outside the heart of Cleveland, OH, we’ve been creating designs for the music industry for nearly a decade. We’ve been a part of the local music scene for a long time, so we’ve always had friends in bands, and as graphic designers, they were always asking for new shirt designs. This trend followed all the way through college and even outside of academia. In 2016, a friend of ours asked for another design, and that’s when we it occurred to us, “why not just make the shirts?” We were born in the scene, molded by the scene, and came out the other side with a revolution brewing within. This is apparel that’s genuinely made by the scene, for the scene. The question is, are you ready to Join the Revolution?

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As the music industry is where we were formed, the music industry is where you will find us! We don’t have an “HQ” to speak of because we operate out of the local shows in the Cleveland, OH area and beyond. Follow our Blog for the latest and greatest news from Revolution Apparel, with tips & tricks to help progress your band. Without local music, we cease to exist. Contact us to see what shows we’ll be at next!